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General guidelines for purchasing a bat

Buying Your Little Leaguer an Aluminum Bat

NOTICE: Please consult your team coach BEFORE buying a bat for the 2017 Little League Season! Little League International has a new safety standard for ALL bats used in Little League and if your son or daughter's bat is not an "approved bat" then he or she WILL NOT be able to use it in a Little League game.
Youth 8-10 Years Old
Player Height   Best Bat Weight
48 inches   -   16 ounces
50 inches   -   16.5 ounces
52 inches   -   17 ounces
54 inches   -   17.5 ounces
56 inches   -   18 ounces
58 inches   -   18.5 ounces
60 inches   -   19 ounces
Formula = (Height/4) + 4
Youth 11-12 Years Old
Player Weight   Best Bat Weight
70 pounds   -   18 ounces
80 pounds   -   19 ounces
90 pounds   -   19.5 ounces
100 pounds   -   20 ounces
110 pounds   -   20.5 ounces
120 pounds   -   21 ounces
130 pounds   -   21.5 ounces
140 pounds       22 ounces
150 pounds       23 ounces
Formula = (Weight/18) + 14
Chart Courtesy of Worth, Inc.
     One of the most important factors in a young player's enjoyment of the game is his (or her) success at the plate.

     Besides proper training in the art and science of hitting a baseball, the aluminum baseball bat itself plays a big role. Too many well-meaning but uninformed parents buy their kid a bat that is the wrong length or weight, or both. This adds yet another obstacle to the budding player's efforts to succeed.

     As a rule of thumb, we suggest the lightest aluminum baseball bat of a given length that you can afford. The high-tech alloys in the lightest bats cost the most, while inexpensive bats made from cheaper aluminum - which requires thicker walls for strength - are heavier.

     Use the chart to the left as a general guide, keeping in mind that every young player is different in his or her strength and ability so these formulas will only be an approximate guide.

An Easy Bat Test
          When shopping for an aluminum baseball bat, have your child hold it out to his side with the top hand (right hand for right-handed batter). If he cannot hold it straight out for 20 seconds or so without the arm starting to shake and the bat dropping, it's too heavy.
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for everything you want and need to know about Little League bats.

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