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Seneca Falls Little League Fields

Seneca Falls Locations
     Seneca Falls Little League plays it's games on several different fields throughout the Seneca Falls and Romulus communities, depending on division. While the majority of our games are played at Kid's Territory in Seneca Falls, some Major and Minor division games are played on fields owned and maintained by the Seneca Falls and Romulus School districts. This page will act as a general guide to the main venues we utilize.

  Kid's Territory
       W. Bayard Street, Seneca Falls
     Kid's Territory is a public park owned by the Town of Seneca Falls, and home to the Seneca Falls Community Little League. The majority of all Seneca Falls Little League games are played here. For a more in-depth view of the facility, click here.
  Frank Knight Softball Field
       98 Clinton Street, Seneca Falls


     The softball field at Frank Knight Elementary School was built as a Varsity Softball field and first saw play in spring of 2013. Prior to reconstruction of this 60' base path field, Mynderse played their varsity and some JV softball games at Kid's Territory on the Little League Softball field. Thanks to the cooperation of the Seneca Falls Central School District, Seneca Falls Little League will be able to utilize this field for games whenever it is not being used by the Mynderse teams.
  Mynderse Academy Baseball Field
       105 Troy Street, Seneca Falls


     The Mynderse Academy Baseball field is a grass infield baseball diamond that is home to the Mynderse Academy Varsity, JV and Modified Baseball teams.
Due to its 90' base path, the Mynderse Baseball field is used primarily for our Junior and Senior divisions.
Romulus Location
  Romulus High School softball Field  (below)
       5705 New York 96, Romulus, NY
     The skinned field at Romulus High School is utilized by the Romulus High School Softball teams. The field will be used for practices of some of our southern teams as well as some Major and Minor Softball games.
Kid's Territory
Home of:
     The map to the left is an aerial view of Kid's Territory. Match the field number or feature on the map with the corresponding list below.
1 Major and Minor Baseball
2 Coach Pitch
3 Major and Minor Softball
4 Lacrosse Field DO NOT USE
5 T-Ball
6 T-Ball
A Main Parking Lot
B Rear Parking Lot
C Concessions and Restrooms
D Main Pavilion
E Jerry Galusha Memorial Playground
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